About Teacher Portal



The Fluency Games Teacher Portal is the interface to allow teachers to create student accounts for using our games and apps. The portal allows the parent, guardian, or teacher to create individual speed, difficulty, and game mode options for each student. The portal also allows to view and print individual or bulk data and progress reports

A subscription to the data and progress reporting model is available for individual/home users, for homeschooling groups, classrooms, schools, and districts.



Individual Student Logins
Individual logins are used to keep track of a students scores and achievements in a school or group environment. Additionally, logins are necessary collect accuracy and speed data generated by the students when playing the games.Administrators, teachers, or parents create users on the “Manage Rosters” screen. Usernames will automatically generated when entering the student first- and last- names. The ‘Group’ field is created by the user or administrator that organizes students automatically for each teacher.

Individual Student Settings
The portal allows for parents, teachers, and administrators to differentiate how the game is played for each student. Each student can have their own speed, difficulty, and game mode settings. Additionally, the players can be ‘locked out’ of changing their options by disabling the ‘Enable options button’ setting.

Parents, teachers, and administrators can view student progress and data through the portal. Data collect will report the student accuracy and speed in playing the game. Simple line graphs and bar charts give a pictorial representation of how the students are performing.

Manage your subscription
The portal will also allow you include new products, add students, and extend your subscription at any time.


All usernames and logins use a double-layer encryption scheme to protect individual names and identities. No demographic or other identifying information is collected by the portal. Additionally, the website uses SSL technology to protect data integrity. The full privacy policy can be found here.


$9.99/year with the purchase of the App
$19.99 One-time Universal Subscription
Up to six users
Progress and Data Reporting access within App only

$34.99/year subscription
$99.99 Universal (One-time, all Fluency Game apps included)
Up to 36 seats
Access to Web Teacher Portal for Progress and Data Reporting

Contact Fluency Games for pricing information